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Saturday, April 10, 2010

El Salvador 2005 Journal XIV

community meeting in Laura Lopez

I was struck by Laura Lopez’s plan for the future.  This is not a community that despairs for its future.  They see a way out.  Their plan includes the following:

v  A Community Centre for meetings – we met in a classroom.  This is illegal, and if the government knew Laura Lopez was doing this they could lose the meager funding they now receive.  Community meetings are not even supposed to be held on school grounds!

v  A community bakery – they also want to train their youth to become bakers.  Local trades are very important.

v  Chairs for their church.  They are currently using old school chairs.

v  Trade and vocational training centre – this to me is key.  There needs to be some chance for young people to acquire the skills they and the community needs.  They need bakers, masons, carpenters, electricians and mechanics.  This represents an exciting project with real potential for the future.

We gained a great deal of information from Laura Lopez.  This is an exciting community.  I think they have the fight in them to make a real future for their families.  This is how development should happen.  Look to local communities and make changes that make sense to these people.  Give them the power and resources to create their own future.

lunch in Laura Lopez

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