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Friday, January 14, 2011

The interesting work begins

For the past six months, we have been working on promotion. All this in an effort to get a group of teachers to come with us this summer. We are now working on program development. This is the really creative phase!

Basically, the schedule looks like this:

day 1-5 - arrival in El Salvador, orientation and visiting sites of importance in San Salvador.

day 5 - 11 - Stay in Chalatenango, working with CCR and teacher co-op

Day 11 - 14 - Beach Day and return to San Salvador for further travel or return home.

What I am really interested in right now is day 5-11. This part of the program is largely undefined - which is great! Teachers Without Borders and CRIPDES (Nelson) are working on ideas for this section - but I really want your ideas. What would be good for this week - participants, what would you like to do and explore? Former participants - based on your experience, what do you think we should be doing?

Here are some of my ideas

1. A workshop on popular education methods hosted by Equipo Maiz - a day-long experience where Canadian and Salvadoran teachers can learn and share together.

2. Exploration of the issue of mining - Canadian mining companies really want to open this area up to mining - lets explore community attitudes on this issue

3. Extended history lesson on San Jose Las Flores - this is a really interesting community that was deserted during the war and resettled while the conflict still raged - this history has created a vibrant community.

That's a start

What are your ideas??

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