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Monday, February 20, 2012

Last day in El Salvador

Jasmine C.
So today is the last day here in El Salvador. After all we have been through, I feel that this trip was worth while. Even though many of the groups that talked to us were from different places, they all shared the same goal and vision that they wish one day will become reality. They all believe that with the help with all of their community, they can recreate their home and give their youth a brighter future.
For example, the organization at San Salvador, called Cripdes, assists other organizations to create scholarships and different youth programs so that they may be able to create path to their goal. They also have programs for women. Cripdes and its local community partners work really hard to create a better future for many people, as does the committees in San Jose and Cinquera. When I get back, I know what I`m going to tell everyone at home. We can all work together and build a better vision for everyone.

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