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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Our students are back in El Salvador!

Students from Holy Trinity High School and St. Francis Xavier (Ottawa) are back in El Salvador.  Here is an excerpt of the material they are currently recording

Tuesday Night (by Melissa): Tonight we went to the dance at the town square that was raising money for the St. Valentines Festival on the 19th . After the dance, when we were dripping of sweat, I headed over to the park to play with Fernando, Nelson's son (Nelson is the principal of the school in San Jose Las Flores). Playing on the see-saw reminded me of the theme song of the 2010 winter Olympics ''I believe''. I find the whole song relates to the El Sal experience, but these verses in particular:

You willed me to be all I can be
now nothing can stop me
I believe in the power that comes
From a world brought together as one
I believe together we'll find
I believe in the power of you and I.

The kids at the park willed it to be the best I can be. Seeing their little smiling faces gave me an unstoppable amount of determination and motivation. People from different countries coming together to do such a simple activity together like playing in the park showed me that we have brought the world together. Through interaction with others, we have the power to make a change.

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