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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sister Shelley in Cinquera

More information is now coming on on the Holy Trinity St. Francis Xavier trip. In this blog, I have included a short video clip from the students and part of a message from Sister Shelley after their visit to Cinquera.

 Much has changed in Cinquera. Wi-fi being one nice addition. Another is a new museum depicting their history and struggle.
But what I really want to share with you is a meeting we just completed with their youth reps on the community organizing committee. Last year they were just about to run out of scholarship money and were so worried that their students would not be able to complete their year. Then our money arrived from SFX and 20 students were able to complete their year of which 4 graduated.
I cannot impress upon us all how important our contribution is.
In Latin America education is not just a hope and a fulfillment for an individual. It is also gift for the community! These students all return to the community and participate in it's growth and development. Thus the computer grad established the system here, the agricultural grad develops sustainable
Land for the people to own and grow crops to feed their families, the communications grad has developed a radio station- great for politics and ensuring the FMLN get elected next month! The tourism grad has developed packages and works with tour guides who will bring tourists to this Eco-friendly area of which it is. All goes back to the community! So please bake those cakes this weekend
as this community and it's people need you. I cannot thank you enough! You are their partners! I just get to travel to a continent that I love!
The kids are great and "are getting it!"
By the way, all the scholars pay back 50% of their loan which provides more scholarships for others.
Back to San Salvador tomorrow.

Love, Shelley

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