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Friday, July 13, 2012

Las Fuentes Georginas

Yesterday I took my last excursion out of Xela and it was one of the best. A big group of us took a bus to las Fuentes Georginas, a beautiful hot spring way up in the mountains above Xela. The water from the springs has been collected into a series of pools, the first one so hot that you can only stay in it for a few minutes

Fortunately, the next two pools are a little bit cooler. We climbed in our little bus on a road narrow enough for two cars to barely pass each other. As we climbed the drop off on the right hand side became very dramatic. We met a few cars on the way and we had to stop to let them squeak by.

We reached the pools around 3:30 and we all quickly got into the hot spring water. The water is heated by nearby volcanoes and the water constantly runs from pool to pool and then down the mountain.

A few years ago a hurricane in the area washed most of the pools away. You can still see the remnants of the former buildings down in the ravine below the pools.

This is a really beautiful spot. We all floated around in the pools for over an hour until we all looked a little like prunes. Later we gathered in the little cafe next to the pools and ate French fries. A great way to finish off a visit to a wonderful, peaceful place.


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