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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The trip to the glass factory

One of the very cool things this year are the trips. On the first day we visited the oldest church in Latin America. Yesterday we watched Motorcycle Diaries in Spanish, today we visited a women's cooperative where they separate and recycle broken glass.

the trips add so much to the experience! I have decided that I can't miss any of them. How can you turn up a crazy ride in a mini bus through the streets of Xela!

Across from the co-op was a vast forestry preserve. The trees are protected to stop the erosion that affects so much of the land around here. The low hanging clouds were still clinging to the mountain tops when we were there.

The co-op was great, the women are doing amazing things with the recycled glass. Once it is fashioned in glassware they export their work to the United States and Europe.

A collection of broken glass, collected and ready to be recycled

One of the great things about being in an immersion program is that you end up doing your own translation! Today one of the American students volunteered to translate for us. She was helped by two other students when she ran into difficulty. A great way to learn!

Our student translator

Tomorrow, a confence on education in Guatemala.

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