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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Shopping Day in Xela

Today I have been shopping.

For me this is a major feat! I consider myself someone who is not the best at getting from place to place. However, today I was able to find my way to this wonderful bake shop and I was able to meet all sorts of merchants selling a wonderful variety of items.

Ronnaldo (my teacher) and I started the day by walking to the bake shop. I had never been there, but it was sunny and almost warm, so it was a good day for walk.

I have just started to learn the Subjunctive which is very exciting for me. Ronnaldo quizzed me all the way to the bakery on the present Subjunctive - a challenging task while trying to avoid the cars of the busy narrow streets.

While Ronnaldo got something healthy, I went for the biggest cream filled donut I could find. I really couldn't turn up the opportunity.

Right after class, I met Diego who was selling all sorts of amazing stuff from a village 40 kilometers from here. We talked about the materials that were used in some of the crafts and other things. It was very good to meet him and learn about what he had brought to the city.

The street where I met Diego

Later, I was actually able to make it back to the bake shop - after being there only one time! Unprecedented for me. I bought one of the last pies and brought it home for my family.

Next, I met Maria downtown selling all types of scarves and fabric. Her father was names Pablo and she would have happily sold me all of her wares if I had not moved on.

I continued shopping for family back home. A great day, a wonderful way to meet new people in Xela!

One of the markets in Xela, close to where I met Maria




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