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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Who comes to Celas Maya?

I am learning lots here. In two days, I have done the equivalent of two and a halt months of Spanish back home.

I am learning a lot about the people who come here also. In two days I have met a young Sami woman from Norway who is specializing in indigenous issues. She is interested in finding out how the situation for the Maya compares to the Sami in Norway.

Today I met a young man who is here working on a Master's thesis studying endemic diseases amongst the Maya.

My room mate is from Georgia and he just got back from a trip to Ecuador where he and a buddy were doing an unpaid internship at a microcredit bank. He speaks great Spanish, but wants to pick up Arabic in the next few years.

There is a first year teacher from Milwaukee who teaches inner city kids Spanish. She is here to learn more to help her with her teaching assignment next year. In the afternoon she volunteers in the city.

There are more stories like this, but I have only been at the school for two days. For me, it just reinforces the strength of our young people and their willingness to learn new things and explore. What is especially heartening is the social conscience these young people all have.

These people are all here to open up the world, it is great to share a few weeks with them!



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