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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Compadres Schedule for 2011 - update

Nelson at his school in San Jose Las Flores

I would like to welcome people from the public board who have expressed interest in the Compadres program. I am in the process of working on the schedule for this summer. I have attached a copy here. You will see that this is an early draft - there is much that still needs to be firmed up.

You will see that the focus of the program is on Chalatenango Province and the community of San Jose Las Flores. We will be working with teachers groups and focusing on popular education.

A few things to notice in this early version of the schedule:

1) Equipo Maiz is a very well known and respected group that works on popular education methods - we will be spending time with them to learn something of their methods before we leave for Chalatenango.

2) Nelson, mentioned in the schedule is a young education leader in San Jose Las Flores. He is beginning to play a prominent role in popular education initiatives in Chalatenango. His school is linked to Holy Trinity High School in the Ottawa Catholic Board.

3) We are now working with Teachers Without Borders - we plan to use some of their programs with teachers and popular educators in Chalatenango. Please see for more information. Their Millennium Ambassadors Program is particularly interesting.

4) We continue to look for ways to provide additional qualification credit for the Compadres experience for teachers who take part in the program. There will be more information on these initiatives in the near future.

5) We are now exploring ways to get the word out to teachers in the public board. It is obvious to me that I will need to hold an information session for public board teachers in January. I will provide more details on this meeting once I have heard from more teachers.

6) Finally, we are a small group right now - please talk to your friends and colleagues about Compadres. The ideal group size is eight people. We currently are at three people (confirmed). I am very confident the group will increase in size, but I could use some help promoting this experience.



DELEGATION OF Ontario Teachers - COMPADRES 3 – 16 July 2011. (with focus on Chalatenango CCR)

Sunday, July 3
Pick up at the airport transport to La Amistad guest house Hostel: Avenida Izalco No. 218, Colonia Centro America, San Salvador (503) 2226- 0437
Flight Arrival:

Day Two: Monday, July 4
Orientation Meeting with Miguel
Meeting with Equipo MAIZ. Equipo Maíz : Carlos Garcia. T-shirts and posters and music available at their store.
Meeting with CORDES ?
Lunch at any place.

Day Three: Tuesday, July 5
Visits to the historical places in San Salvador : Visit to Divine Providence church were Monseñor Romero killed,Visit to Monseñor Romero litle House,Visit The memorial to civilian victims of the military repression and the war at Parque Cuscatlan, Visit to UCA museun.
3:30 PM Return

Day Four: Wednesday, July 6
8 AM. Drive out to Chalatenango Province to get to San Jose Las Flores community. It is a two and a half hours drive.
9:30 AM. Meeting At CCR in Chalatenango City with Nelson and his education team fron the teachers association.
keep going to San Jose Las Flores: Lunch at the community Restaurant set up by the women of the community.
We will rest a little in the Pastoral Center where we will stay.
3 P.M. Meeting with the community Directorate where they will speak to us about the history of the community and its development and their present struggle against the Canadian mining companies. Visit around the community projects such as: a bakery, seamstresses, etc.
Dinner and time for rest.

Day Five: Tursday, July 7
From here until Wednesday 13, The teachers association will suggests the program or itinerary for each day.

Day Six: Friday, July 8

Day Seven:Saturday, July 9

Day Eight: Sunday, July 10
Mass at the chapel of the community
Visit to the Sumpul River Ecological Project
Visit the local Swimming pool, and the famous Sumpul River, so bring your bathing suits.
Return Pastoral Center

Day Nine: Monday, July 11

Day Ten: Tuesday, July 12

Day Eleven: Wednesday, July 13

Day Twelve: Tursday, July 14
7: 30 AM. Breakfast
8:30 AM. Leave for San Salvador and we will stop at Chalatenango City for some handicrafts sold by local artisans organized by CORDES.
Return to Casa La Amistad

Day Thirteen: Friday, July 15
8 AM. Drive to the Costa del Sol – beach

Saturday, July 16
Participants depart for Canada