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Sunday, October 20, 2013

We have a trip!

At this point, early in the school year, it is safe to say that we will be having a trip this summer!  We have the minimum of six participants and we hope to attract more participants in the upcoming year.

This year, we are simply charging $1200.00 for the trip - transportation, translation, accommodation, facilitation, meals, etc.  People are expected to book their own flights, but we can help by suggesting a travel agent.

The trip is newly designed to provide people with an introduction to the country and its people.

You can see the current schedule here.

The really interesting idea is that we are promoting respectful partnerships between our schools and schools in El Salvador.  One partnership exists between several schools and the school in San Jose las Flores.

We have two schools who are now interested in developing new partnerships.  This will be a really interesting process and I see all sorts of interesting possibilities that can arise from this.

For those who have decided to come this year, I can guarantee you a very meaningful experience.  For those who are still thinking of coming - there is no time like the present!  Come join us.