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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Ignite posts continue

The people of El Salvador have faced repression for over 500 years.
In 1932 the rural indigenous people, the  Pipil rebelled against the ruling class and military.  Over the space of only a few days over 30,000 Pipil were massacred.

As a result of this repression, the indigenous people of El Salvador disappeared as a cultural entity.  Their language, customs, dress, their entire way of life was suppressed.  Only now are some of these traditions returning in the western part of the country.

Oscar Romero is the central figure in the story of the Salvadoran people.  Here he stands next to his good friend, Fr. Rutillio Grande who was murdered in 1977.

For three years he preached against the repression of the military government in San Salvador.  He challenged the established order and two weeks before his death called on the military to put down their arms for the sake of a higher justice.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Ignite Talk on El Salvador


I am passionate about El Salvador because it is a land of contrasts.  The people have suffered terrible atrocities but their spirit is strong, they are not a defeated people.  


I started visiting the country in 1995 as a member of a aid group delegation.  Since then I have returned every few years with a new group of Canadians.  Each time I go, I learn more about these beautiful, tragic people.

Ignite Presentation on Compadres y Comadres

This week, I had a great opportunity to do an Ignite talk on El Salvador. Pretty interesting experience. I plan over the next few days post my slides and my speaking notes here on the Compadres y Compadres blog.  I tried to keep these notes very short - you only get 15 seconds per slide and a total of 20 slides for a 5 minute talk - quite the challenge!!


My name is PaulMcGuire


Tonight I am talking about El Salvador, a country of contrasts, a country I have been visiting for 10 years now.


I set up a program called Compadres y Comadres that sends students and educators down every year to learn from the people of a beautiful, tragic country.