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Monday, August 24, 2009

Join us in 2010!

Join COMPADRES in El SalvadorSummer 2010Collective of Ontario Teachers Moving for Peace, Action, Development, and Relationship in El Salvador.

Unite with us for the third trip in forging sustainable links between Ontario Teachers and communities in El Salvador


“Because there is nothing more genuine and honest than being involved in communities taking charge of their own lives.” Maureen Bourke, Gr 12 religion teacher, Holy Trinity H.S.

“Because it’s a total rush seeing that social justice and economic sustainability is about survival and not just trendy catchphrases.” Wayne Ng, social worker, Student Services

Because you love adventure and learning outside of the box

Because you want to learn about meaningful partnerships with grassroots development agencies such as Development and Peace, Salvaide, CRIPDES, etc..

Because your sense of social justice and analysis of the critical issues affecting people in the North and the South mattersBecause you want to witness El Salvadoran social movements as…

Communities attempting to protect their own land from Canadian mining ventures

  • Workers defending their rights in maquila and agro-export plantations

  • Farmers collectivizing over the impact of biotechnology on food security

  • Peasants (campesinos) struggling to recuperate land

  • Women struggling to fully participate in their society

Because you want to apply such experiences to the social teachings of the Church

Tentative dates: First week in July (depends on flight availability)

Time commitment: 1 pre-trip

orientation session, 1 formation day held in Ottawa

Length of trip and approximate costs: 12 days, $2200.00, all inclusive

Find out more: Paul McGuire, 613-224-8833,

Join us on Facebook – go to ‘groups’ and type in Compadres

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