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Sunday, February 20, 2011

what are the plans for this year's trip?

Now we start getting into specifics. What will the trip look like for this year? Rene, the new director of Salvaide is just finishing off a trip in El Salvador. This is great for us as he is in direct contact with the people we will be working with.

I will spend the next few blog posts going over some of our thoughts on what we could possibly do.

First, we are hoping to do some workshops using the computers they have in the schools at San Jose Las Flores. We are used to using computer hooked to the internet every day in our classes and it would be our hope to use some of our expertise to do some work with the kids we meet in San Jose.

Here is Rene's post on computer workshops;

checked with Nelson about the possibility of running computer-facilitated workshops. Unfortunately, conditions in schools in the area are such that they do not have many computers and none have access to the internet. This doesn’t bode well for the group's suggestion to use Scratch (computer program).

What we do now is digest this information and look for new ideas!

computer lab in San Jose Las Flores School

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