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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Tour Builder

Now that we have a trip confirmed and we are in 2014 - only months away from our next trip, I have started working with a great new tool called Tour builder - yet another great tool by Google.

This one combines Google Earth with the ability to easily upload images and videos from your collection.

Each day of the trip will be documented and outlined so that participants can take a good look at what is proposed for any particular day.  Right now, I am working on Day Four.  You can add photos, written descriptions, even videos.  The first stop on Day Four is the Cathedral in San Salvador.  I was able to add

video taken the day of Archbishop Romero's funeral.  This should give participants some historical perspective on what they will be seeing.

As I post each day, I will now add this to the blog so viewers can see the tour here or on Tour Builder.

Really exciting, I hope this will add a new dimension to our group formation this year!

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