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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Encounters with our partners

To support the women's coop, as well as provide more traditional sleeping experience, our group purchased 8 hammocks. The intention is to leave these beds in San Jose las Flores for future delegations to use.

Monday morning was our meet & greet with Holy Trinity's partner school. We headed down to the escula, where we were welcomed with folk dances and an assembly. This was particularly impressive as the Salvadoran students were on their first day of Santa Samana holidays!

During the tour of the school, led by the principal, Nelson, we saw the classroom they will be making into a computer lab. Next door will be their science lab. The school is under massive construction because, for the first time in 30 years, the new liberal government has allocated funding for infrastructure improvements.

The students all headed down the road to the high school football field where we played three huge games of soccer. Watching the game gave the non- players plenty of time to chat with the members of the community.

Several new friendships were formed and five girls from San Jose Las Flores decided to join us for our activity in the afternoon-- swimming in the Rio Sempul.

That evening, after a traditional meal in the Women's cooperative kitchen, many of the girls bonded with their new friends whilst painting each other's finger & toe nails. Others headed into the square to play soccer. Later we met with students. We shared information on our 'typical days' and the challenges of getting a university education in both countries.

Nelson spoke to the Canadian teachers about the importance of 'education for life' -- curricula expectations which are driven a personal, local and ethical theme. He also told us that his yearly school budget from the Ministy of Education is $3600. This is what our board gets PER STUDENT.

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