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Sunday, April 10, 2011

What does Compadres look like now?

Compadres continues to grow and change. This week on Thursday, students and teacher from Holy Trinity and Saint Francis Xavier High schools will be heading down to El Salvador. This will be the second student trip from the Ottawa Catholic School Board. We hope to feature blog posts from some of the students while they are in El Salvador. We know this will be a wonderful experience for the entire group!

We now have 18 people on our e-mail list. This is significant because these are people either heading down with us this summer or who have expressed an interest in coming down at a later date. The list now includes more teachers from the Ottawa Public Board which is terrific! We want to expand beyond the borders of the Catholic Board and this is a great step.

Also, Compadres received a mention in a blog posting from Mawi's Unstoppable Blog This is a great blog that comes out of Chicago - a great read at any time.

Our next event will be a one-day orientation for people coming down this year. All members of the e-mail list will be invited to take part in this day along with members from past trips. We plan to hold the day in early June.

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