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Friday, April 22, 2011

Reflections of a Week Away

GK Chesterson wrote, "the purpose of a trip is to come home, the purpose of a pilgrimage is to come home transformed."

Sometimes it's hard for people to truly understand their experiences abroad until they return home. Our students reflected on their journey to this point in a sharing circle Thursday night.

Many suggested their new understanding of where our cheap clothing is from and the conditions of maquilas (sweatshops), will require a new approach to consumption back at home. A student said we have lost our ability to be ignorant about the Majority World and the issues here.

One spoke of his need to make more of his own opportunities as he recognized so many in El Salvador have none. Another has become more aware of the time he 'wastes' doing little at home and how that should become more productive time for works.

Furthermore, they talked about being touched by the passion of the people we met. We need to people who live happiness instead of pursuing happiness.

We all talked about becoming people of hope, people of reflection, people of justice. We should live the mantra, "it's important not to have more, but to be more."

The group returns to Canada later tonight

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