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Sunday, March 27, 2011

new developments

As we start to get closer to this year's trip, some ideas are starting to become clearer. We have been corresponding with Nelson on some key points for this year's delegation. Here are some of the main points.

1. We are discussing the possibility of staying in San Jose Las Flores for up to ten days. We feel that this will give the group and the community even a better opportunity to forge the partnerships which are such an important part of this experience.

2. We are also looking into the possibility of staying with individual families. This will for sure allow us greater opportunities to get to know what life is like for rural Salvadorans.

3. We are working on getting a better idea of the capacity of the computers in the schools. We know there is no internet, but do the computers have the capacity to run software that we use in some of our schools? If so, this may allow us to run a least one interesting workshop with the students.

We are now waiting for answers to some of these questions.

communal kitchen in San Jose Las Flores

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