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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Concertacion des Mujeres

Today, we started by speaking again with Rosa, the current President of CRIPDES. Rosa is pictured here with Katie and Susan from our group.
Rosa spoke about the consortia of women's groups that have come together to work for gender equity in El Salvador. Much work was done in marginalized communities across the country to help women and men learn the importance of treating women with dignity and respect.
In November of 2010 a law was passed by the current Government guaranteeing equality for women. The Government has begun the construction of women's health centers in rural communities. Still there is much to be done to change attitudes and practices in a society that has traditionally seen women as inferior to men. The Concertacion will continue to work on it's three main goals:
1) promotion of women's rights
2) education of women about their rights
3) development of economic initiatives to help women become more independent Tomorrow, we move to San Jose las Flores
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