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Friday, July 8, 2011

Our first meeting

This morning we spent time at the elementary school. We started by observing a class - I was in a kindergarten class - very fun. The kids were very active and very happy to participate in the lesson. At 9:30 they all went off - by themselves to get a snack from the food program. This is an important program since many of the kids come to school malnourished. It is one if the programs subsidized by Holy Trinity and I hope it us one if the programs we can help out with in the future.
Later, we met with the teachers to go over some if the challenges they ate facing. This afternoon, we will meet to go over what we heard. The challenges include:
no spec Ed services for kids with learning disabilities
No counselling services
A need for good esl materials
No specialized programming in art physed, music, drama
There are others, but what really shines through is that these teachers will do whatever they can for their kids. Their spirit is an inspiration.
One final note - they select their own principals!
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  1. Love your blog! Keep up the good work! Great to hear that a local school is making such a difference! Bravo!