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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Schools in San Jose las Flores

Here in this picture you can see some of the work that has been done with funds from Holy Trinity High School in Ottawa. The school made a donation from funds collected by the students prior to their trip last March. The money was earmarked for computers, but the school in San Jose las Flores was given the freedom to purchase what they needed. What they needed was the wall you see here that gives the kindergarten students a secure place to learn and play. Computers were still purchased, but not as many as previously planned. Nelson, the principal of the school says that the assistance of Holy Trinity is making miracles happen at the school.
This is what can be achieved when people work in partnership. The next phase of this partnership starts tomorrow when the teachers at the school spend the day with us to scope out what we can do together over the next week and into the future.
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