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Sunday, July 10, 2011

A storm in the afternoon

As the dark clouds started to build this afternoon, we decided to take refuge at "our spot" looking over the town square. It has become a place that we like to frequent for some good conversation and a cool beverage. (*note: we still haven't quite figured out whether or not this is actually a restaurant...however the owner seems more than happy to let us sit on the porch - hopefully not because she's too polite to ask us to leave). It's been about 40 minutes now and the rain has shown no sign of slowing down. And that's ok by us. There's a lovely breeze cooling things down. Thunder is rolling overhead. The weather will settle eventually, it will get warmer and warmer and warmer, and then we'll start looking forward to another cleansing rainstorm tomorrow.
- Katie
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1 comment:

  1. How hot does it get - as hot as Humidex 33 in Ottawa? And what are these cool beverages you speak of??

    Joan O'Connell, enjoying a cool beverage of my own.