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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Our community kitchen

This year, San Jose Las Flores celebrates the 25th anniversary of resettlement during the war. The community has developed and prospered due in large part to the community projects started mainly by the women of the community.
One of these is the comidor comunal. The community kitchen is run by the women of the town. It serves three meals a day at very reasonable prices. Most of us eat breakfast there and we all eat lunch at the comidor. We are now regulars there and we have sampled some really great food including of course papusas.
The kitchen is a very good example of how this community pulls together to prosper in a hostile environment. As we are learning, everyone over 35 has a terrible story to tell about surviving the brutality of the war. It is good that one response of the community to their sad history is to come together to share a meal.
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  1. It is universal how food brings people together. I'm really enjoying hearing about all your experiences.